Conversion of C-130H Hercules to Dorsal UCA (Unmanned Cargo Aircraft)


Video demonstrates conversion of a standard C-130H Hercules to a Dorsal cargo carrier.

Using existing, proven, off-the-shelf aircraft and control components reduces development time and costs a small fraction of new aircraft development.

While the FAA continues to develop and finalize regulations and systems for UCA (Unmanned Cargo Aircraft), Dorsal’s Hybrid drone technology adds a pilot module to allow a person on-board to monitor the drone and intervene if necessary.


Commercial Trans-Oceanic Cargo Drone

Twice the payload on the same amount of fuel

Civilian QUAD Carrier
Our large capacity, heavy lift cargo hauler

Dorsal Military UAV Platform

  Flexible Multi-Function Military Asset - Three Drones In One

Repurposing unmanned airframe is as simple as changing the container(s).  Logistics supply, mid-air fuel tanker, attack platform and more -  all with the same UAV airframe. 

Dorsal Helidrone Military UAV Platform

Helidrone Container Transport Example

Dorsal Helidrone Military UAV Models

  Helidrone Mini, Mid & Heavy

Dorsal Design Using Existing Aircraft Components

Extended Life Cycle and Reusability

Dorsal program would take the existing tail, wings, engines, and landing gear components and design a spine and fairings to accommodate the Dorsal containers.

  • C-130
  • C-27
  • CH-47

Dorsal Stealth Helidrone Mini UAV Platform

  Helidrone Stealth Mini UAV

Reduced Cost Space Plane Launch System

Launch Vehicle and Rocket Components Recovery

A Better Way to Return Launch Vehicle Components for Reuse

  • Flexible - Launch system readily adjusts to accomodate payload variations
  • Less Expensive - In terms of both material/fuel requirements and operational costs
  • Safer - Significantly reduced risk compared to currently pursued technology paths

Reduced Cost Rocket Recovery System

  Recovery of major rocket components for reuse